Quality & Certifications

Certificates in ISO 9001 by SGS, since 2000.
We are recognized under the Q1 certificate by Ford Mexico and the United States.
Awarded annually as one of the 50 most innovative companies in Mexico
by the magazine “Information Week”.
Our driver training center is accredited by the SCT.
We participate in the “Global Compact” program coordinated by the UN. East
program focuses on human rights, labor rights, improvement of the
environment and anti-corruption practices.
Member of the TRANSPORTE LIMPIO program coordinated by SEMARNAT and SCT.
Focused on the reduction of polluting emissions.
We are governed by the criteria of the CTPAT, FAST program (coordinated by customs
of the United States) and COMCE focused on safe international trade.
We have a physical-mechanical verification unit accredited by the EMA, the
which is oriented to the periodic review of our fleet.
Certified commercial partner auto-transportista terrestre (NEEC).